Semi Permanent Makeup at Selston Cosmetic Clinic .. By Heidi

Heidi Thundercliffe is an experienced beauty therapist with over 16years in the industry, an experienced senior lecturer, assessor and internal verifier for a leading Further education college in Nottingham for over 10 years

Fully trained to perform permanent cosmetic procedures by the market leader, The Nouveau Contour Permanent Cosmetics system.

How does it work?

Permanent cosmetics are a type of cosmetic tattooing, using pharmaceutical grade pigments which are applied to the second layer of your skin

This results in a wonderful shadow of colour that looks like perfectly applied make-up

How long does it last?

Over the years the colour may fade, but don't worry, you can simply have a top up every year to 18 months which makes them look as good as new

Does it hurt?

This is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed!! I use sophisticated equipment to eliminate any distress

Who's it for?

Clients of all ages are discovering permanent eyebrow, eyeliner and lip colour that looks completely natural.

Clients benefiting from permanent cosmetics are;

Those with sparse or no eyebrows

Those with poor vision or an unsteady hand

Those with allergies to conventional cosmetics

Those that suffer with hay fever or watery eyes

Busy people with little no or time to apply cosmetics that are concerned about their appearance and want to look good 24 hours a day.

Eyebrow contours

Scars in eyebrows - To infill colour to where pigment and hair has been lost. - £100

Powdered brow effect - For lighter coloured hair, this gives shadow and depth to the brow without being too dark to match your natural features. - £350

Re design natural hair strokes- For a detailed brow, actual hair strokes are placed in the brow area to redesign missing, sparse or nonexistent brows. This works better on slightly darker hair colours - £395

Before & After

Lucy right eye before brow   Lucy right eye after final brow

Eye Contours

Lash enhancement - This treatment places colour throughout the root of the eyelashes producing a background to enhance the eyelashes.

before eyelash enhancement Before


Eyeliner - This treatment includes an eyelash enhancement to start and then pigment is then gradually added to the eyelid area to gain the depth you require

Terry after lash enhancement

After eyelash enhancement but before the eyeliner

Terry after eyeliner and lash enhancement

After the eyelash enhancement and eyeliner

Part shaded eyeliner- This is the same as eyeliner only with 2 or more colours used to create the effect that is natural to you.

Lash enhancement (bottom) - £250

Lash enhancement (top)- £300

Lash enhancement (top and bottom) - £395

Lash enhancement & Eyeliner- £450

Lash enhancement &part shaded eyeliner- £495

Lip Contours

Lip contour Colour is placed around the lip line to give back a definition between the lip and skin tissue around the mouth - £350

Lip contour with a defined blend - This starts with a lip contour and then shaded through to create a thicker line around the lip to give the effect of a perfectly applied lip line. - £400

Lip blush - This treatment allows colour to be gradually shaded through the lips giving a very naturally effect and colour to the lip - £450

Image 11

Lip re defined with contour and lip blush - This treatment starts with the lip contour with blend but then the colour is gradually shaded through the rest of the lips.- £495

Image 5

Lips full colour- This treatment is the those clients who like a strong lip colour and where it all over, there is no shading just pure colour put through the whole of the lips. - £695

Beauty Enhancement

Beauty Mark - Small amount of pigment is placed into the skin to create a beauty spot. - £50

Maintenance - Per session- This will be needed approximately 12-18months after the treatment is completed to ensure any fading can allow your colour to be re-touched to look fabulous again. £195

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