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March 27, 2015

Vaser lipo London Clinic

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Selston Cosmetic Clinic was one of the FIRST clinics in the United Kingdom
offering this latest liposuction surgery procedure.
We are a main Vaser Lipo National Training Centre for cosmetic doctors.
Dr. Bassi is one of the few Vaser Hi-Def trained doctors in the UK.
We have performed over 15OO procedures to date and within these hundreds using Vaser Hi Def techniques.
We perform 4 to 5 procedures each week giving a bespoke personal service to our clients.
Vaser Lipo is regarded as the gentlest and most powerful form of liposuction available today.

Vaser Tickle Lipo ... Over the past year we have been using the Tickle Lipo system along with Vaser. Using both technologies we have been able to extract greater amounts of fat , faster and in more comfort.

Our experience tells us that using these systems together we can negate the need for twilight anaesthesia ... which is an added cost for our clients .

We are a national and international clinic having clients travelling to us from Europe , Middle East and China ..... We deliver results !

Which Vaser Lipo process for me ?

The choice of procedure will be dependent on the amount of fat to be removed. The procedure can remove significant amounts of fat in one session and recovery is more speedier.

A combination of different vaser methods offers us great precision when tailoring a process most suitable for you. With our practical experience we can select the perfect combination for your
end result.

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What is Liposuction ?

It has become a well established technology for body sculpting and is the alternative to Liposuction Surgery.

Vaser Lipo uses ultrasound energy to break up fat, its innovative technology respects the veins, nerves, blood vessels and surrounding tissue, so leaving them relatively intact.

This gives smooth beautiful results along with faster healing times.

What areas can be treated with Vaser Lipo ?


Abdomen Inner thighs Buttocks

Hips Outer thighs Arms


Abdomen Embarrassing male breasts (Man boobs )
Love handles

Vaser allows us to work with such precision so even delicate areas such as the chin and
knees can be shaped.

Is the Vaser Lipo procedure different from traditional treatments?

Yes! It is a very different way to precisely remove unwanted fat.
The fat is melted using Vaser ultrasound technology.
It is then removed from the body using the Vaser canulas. At Selston Cosmetic Clinic if you are undergoing Vaser Tickle, the fat is removed using the unique Tickle lipo technology.
This method of liposuction is more kinder to surrounding tissue than traditional liposuction, thus giving reduced pain, reduced swelling and bruising.

Vaser Lipo breaks up fat with ultrasound energy.
( similar to that used for cataract removal in the eye)

The energy is delivered by the Vaser probes. These are very thin, solid and have grooves.

Vaser ultrasound energy dissolves the fat cells and simply bounces off other structures such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, which are therefore left undisturbed giving great results.

The liquified fat is removed by tiny Vaser canulas or at Selston Cosmetic Clinic by the Tickle Lipo system.

It is performed under local anaesthetic not general anaesthetic. This form of aneasthesia is called tumescent liposuction.

This makes the procedure safer with a more comfortable recovery period.

When will I see results of my liposuction ?

Results are immediate .

There is minor swelling for approximately a week.

As the swelling subsides the results continue to improve for up to six months as collagen grows and tightens the skin.

What is the recovery time and when can I go back to work ?

A Friday procedure will typically have you back to work and play by Monday.

You can participate in light exercise later the same day.

Independent Peer Review

In an independent peer reviewed published study the patients undergoing the Vaser liposelection liposuction procedure experienced no complications such as altered skin sensation, seroma, skin induration, skin necrosis, prolonged swelling or skin burns compared with other ultrasound assisted liposuction procedures (UAL)


Traditional Liposuction v Vaser Lipo.

Traditional Liposuction
Vaser Lipo
Hospital stay
General anaesthetic
Major bruising and swelling
Significant pain
Skin tightening
Time off work
4-6 weeks
Return next day
Number of treatments required
Guaranteed results


Are results guaranteed ?

The simple answer is ...... yes

At the pre treatment consultation. Dr Bassi will assess your suitability for Vaser Lipo. Your expectations have to be realistic and your goals of the eventual results to be agreed.

Then Pre treatment photos are taken

After treatment you will be routinely offered follow up appointments, at one month, three months and six months.

At six months a post treatment photo will be taken, providing your B.M.I ( body mass index) has not risen and if there is no noticeable difference between the before and after photographs, the treatment will be repeated free of charge.


Just look at what our clients say:

I have reduced the size of my thighs through using your treatment some months ago
As a result I feel so much better about myself …
S.B. ... Derby

Having had two of the original Smartlipo procedures with poor results, the Vaser Lipo procedure has given me great results, my stomach is flat. Recently I had the muffin bulges over the side of my jeans done and the results are equally outstanding…
N.T. ... Nottingham.

As I reached my mid-forties i decided to have a vaser treatment to my tummy which
had lost much of its shape. After having taken the vaser lipo treatment I recovered my more feminine shape and people have noticed and remarked on it. Many thanks …
M.W. ... Mansfield.

I am very pleased indeed with the outcome of my "man boob" breast reduction by your Vaser Lipo system.
D.D. ... Chesterfield.

I have to say at the end of the Vaser Lipo procedure, I know it's strange but it was lovely to actually watch the 1 litre of fat being aspirated out of the abdomen..!! I am excited about the final outcome…
P.F. ... Sheffield.

Look at what our Doctors say ..

We have scoured the world to test and assess numerous technologies, which would allow us to remove large amounts of unwanted fat. The fat removal system from the USA allows us effortlessly to do this. It also gives us the ability to reshape and enhance your curves. I am confident this procedure will be the gold standard in the future for walk in - walk out Liposuction in the Midlands and eventually the United Kingdom.
Dr. S.R.Bassi ... Lead Cosmetic Physician.

The wikipedia entry on the development of vaser lipo can be read here.
They describe the series of developments in fat removal methods over many years.


    How painful is vaser lipo ?

  • In our experience there is minimal pain. If sufficient local anaesthesia is given, the experience is relatively pain free. We offer clients staged procedures. The advantage of this is that recovery is easier. If two areas are done at a time, the next procedure can be performed the next day.
    We also offer sedation. This is performed by our consultant anaethesist.
  • How long does the process last ?

  • On average a vaser procedure is completed within 2 hours.
  • Should I carry out any exercise ?

  • We advise that prior to vaser you should get fit as possible, be it cardiovascular exercise or weight training, post vaser we will give you our bespoke post op care programme, which covers everything from diet / exercise / mld / home ultrasound / compression length wear.
  • Will I lose any sensation in the area of the procedure ?

  • In our experience there is some loss of sensation, over the operated area ... this usually returns within 6months on average
  • will I need a general anaesthetic ?

  • No, the procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic or sedation, the latter occurs an extra charge of £700 for the anaesthetic team .
  • What does Vaser Lipo cost ?

  • The cost of our Vaser Lipo is far less than London as we are partly based in the East Midlands. For the sake of a train fare, you could save over £1000 on London costs.

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