Leg Veins

What is Leg Veins ?

Leg veins, or varicose veins, are hefty, projecting, swollen blood vessels formed in a zigzag pattern. These types of raised veins frequently occur in the legs and are usually visible through the skin. However, they should not be confused with "spider veins," which are smaller, reddish/purple and blue in the same zigzag pattern. Leg veins are very common and can form on other parts of the body as well. From time to time, varicose veins may cause skin ulcers or sores, blood clots, mild to mid-level pain, and other similar problems.

What are the benefits of laser leg veins treatment?

  • Downtime is minimal and immediate return to regular activities is possible
  • Limited side effects compared to other treatments
  • Safe
  • Treatments take less than one hour

Why come to Selston Cosmetic Clinic for Laser Leg Veins Treatment?

  • Dr Bassi and his team are experienced Laser practiitioners
  • 10 years experience
  • Free consultation
  • Competitive and Fair pricing
  • Comfortable and relaxed environment
  • Honest and Ethical advice always given
  • All our clients are unique to us and the treatments are bespoke to them
  • You will get a personal and professional experience from beginning to end of your treatment
  • Our procedure cost starts from £ 149 per Treatment
  • General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctor
  • Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD)
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered clinic

Summary of Leg Veins Procedure

Procedure Time

15 - 30 Minutes

Treatment Course

1-2 Treatments, each 6-8 Weeks apart

Back To Work

Next Day

Duration Of Results




Results Seen

4 - 6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Leg veins vary from thin red veins to more plump purple veins. The foremost causes are when the condition runs in the family, pregnancy, and occupations that demand long periods of standing. Other factors include old age, gender, obesity, being overweight, and leg trauma.
If leg vein discomfort is minimal, a physician may simply advise the individual to make lifestyle modifications. If symptoms are acute, a doctor may suggest several leg veins treatments. One of the most popular treatments is laser leg veins treatment. This type of leg veins treatment is effective on all skin types regardless of skin color. The treatment works best on fine veins.
The treatment consist of applying light energy from a laser onto a leg vain, making the vein disappear. Laser energy is expunged via the skin and into the vein. After the vein is heated, the wall breaks down and closes. The sealed vein is then dissolved and absorbed by the body. Laser surgery is primarily used on smaller veins. The treatment involves no cutting, injections, or chemicals.
Leg vein treatments take roughly 15 to 30 minutes; however, the time may vary depending on the veins that need to be treated. Treatments are divided into eight-week segments.
Two treatments usually leave the best results.
Most treatments involve minimal discomfort; however, while the laser pulses are delivered some individuals may experience a light stinging sensation on the skin. A topical anesthetic cream is used to decrease discomfort.
Infrequently, the treated area will be mildly swollen and sensitive for several weeks. The area should be kept well moisturized, away from sunlight. A sunscreen should be worn as well. Strenuous exercise should be avoided and support tights or stocks are recommended one week after treatment. It takes approximately eight weeks for the treated veins to disappear.
In most cases, the veins are completely removed. Nonetheless, the appearance of new veins cannot be prevented; therefore, further treatment may be required.
Selston Cosmetic Clinic Experienced Aesthetic Team , headed by Dr S R Bassi Asst Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (B.A.C.D) and member of the British Medical Laser Association (B.M.L.A) will discuss your requirements and expectations and advise a personalised treatment plan. We, along with our clients are delighted with the result this cost effective treatment can achieve.

What Our Patients Say....Reviews

N.D.... Nottingham

I can't wait to get on the beach - I feel so happy now my horrible leg veins are GONE

S.O.... Nottingham

I have been blessed with shapely legs and cursed with leg veins which I thought were with me for life. After three treatments my legs are virtually clear.

C.B.... Derby

I now have the confidence to wear short shirts in the summer.

K.A.... Chesterfield

Thanks for making the treatments relatively pain free, my legs look great!

L.I.... Mansfield

After two 15 minute treatments I am so delighted with the way my legs look.

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